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The most cited biological Institute in Russia *

Andrey B. Vartapetian

Head of Division, professor, Doctor of Science (Chemistry)
Telephone: 8 (495) 939-41-25
Address: Bldg B, Rm 319
Head of the department: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of Nucleoproteins
Head of the laboratory: Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the Gene
Belongs to: Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the Gene

Area of expertise: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Courses: “Genetic Engineering”, Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, MSU

Recent Papers
  1. Galiullina R.A., Kasperkiewicz P., Chichkova N.V., Szalek A., Serebryakova M.V., Poreba M., Drag M., Vartapetian A.B. (2015) Substrate Specificity and Possible Heterologous Targets of Phytaspase, a Plant Cell Death Protease. J. Biol. Chem., 290 (41): 24806-24815. >>

  2. Chichkova N.V., Galiullina R.A., Beloshistov R.E., Balakireva A.V., Vartapetian A.B. (2014) Phytaspases: Aspartate-Specific Proteases Involved in Plant Cell Death. Russ. J. Bioorg. Chem., 40 (6): 606-611. >>

  3. Dolgikh Y.I., Stepanova A.Y., Trusova S.V., Chichkova N.V., Vartapetian A.B. (2013) Mitochondria-targeted antioxidant provides for enhanced morphogenetic potential in plant tissue cultures. Russ. J. Plant Physiol., 60 (5): 706-712. >>

  4. Fomicheva A.S., Tuzhikov A.I., Beloshistov R.E., Trusova S.V., Galiullina R.A., Mochalova L.V., Chichkova N.V., Vartapetian A.B. (2012) Programmed cell death in plants. Biochem.-Moscow, 77 (13): 1452-1464. >>

  5. Chichkova N.V., Tuzhikov A.I., Taliansky M., Vartapetian A.B. (2012) Plant phytaspases and animal caspases: structurally unrelated death proteases with a common role and specificity. Physiol. Plant., 145 (1): 77-84. >>

  6. Vartapetian A.B., Tuzhikov A.I., Chichkova N.V., Taliansky M., Wolpert T.J. (2011) A plant alternative to animal caspases: subtilisin-like proteases. Cell Death and Differentiation, 18 (8): 1289-1297.

  7. Khutornenko A.A., Roudko V.V., Chernyak B.V., Vartapetian A.B., Chumakov P.M., Evstafieva A.G. (2010) Pyrimidine biosynthesis links mitochondrial respiration to the p53 pathway. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107 (29): 12828-12833.

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