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The most cited biological Institute in Russia *

A.N. Belozersky PCB Institute publishes more than 100 papers per year (over the last 10 years) with mean citation on about 13 links to every paper. According to russian citation collector at the present moment and rating of e-library over 2005-2009 the Institute has the largest total citation over all biological institutes in Russian Federation. According to data of Web of Science Institute's researchers has published slightly more than 4000 papers which allows the Instiute to be cited about 1500 times a year.

Цитирование работ НИИ ФХБ по годамЦитирование работ НИИ ФХБ по годам

On the figure it is shown that total citation of the Institute grows every year whereas dotted curves (citation of works published before 2006 and 2001) show that total citation grows is not result of higher interest to older works.

In the PCB Institute there are about 50 scientist  who was cited more than 1000 times and 13 of than has Hirsch factor more than 25 units. List of these scientist is headed by director, academician Vladimir P. Skulachev with total citation about 13500 links and H-index of 58.

The Institute is only scientific organisation in Russia who provide scientometric analysis of papers of own scientists. Citation report - is a mandatory part of researchers' qualification at the Scientific Council.