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it belongs to: Department of bioenergetics
master: Grand PhD (Biology), professor, Dmitry B. Zorov
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Recent papers
  1. Popkov V.A., Plotnikov E.Y., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Jankauskas S.S., Zorov S.D., Babenko V.A., Zorov D.B. (2015) Diseases and aging: Gender matters. Biochem.-Moscow, 80 (12): 1560-1570. >>

  2. Isaev N.K., Stelmashook E.V., Genrikhs E.E., Oborina M.V., Kapkaeva M.R., Skulachev V.P. (2015) Alzheimer's disease: An exacerbation of senile phenoptosis. Biochem.-Moscow, 80 (12): 1578-1581. >>

  3. Khailova L.S., Nazarov P.A., Sumbatyan N.V., Korshunova G.A., Rokitskaya T.I., Dedukhova V.I., Antonenko Y.N., Skulachev V.P. (2015) Uncoupling and toxic action of alkyltriphenylphosphonium cations on mitochondria and the bacterium Bacillus subtilis as a function of alkyl chain length. Biochem.-Moscow, 80 (12): 1589-1597. >>

  4. Zorov D.B., Vorobjev I.A., Plotnikov E.Y., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Babenko V.A., Zorov S.D., Jankauskas S.S., Popkov V.A. (2015) Specific Issues of Mitochondrial Fragmentation (Fission). Biol. Membr., 32 (5): 338-345. >>

  5. Plotnikov E.Y., Babenko V.A., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Sukhikh G.T., Zorov D.B. (2015) Mechanisms of Improving the Neuroprotective Effects of Multipotent Stromal Cells after Co-Culturing with Neurons. Biol. Membr., 32 (5): 379-387. >>

  6. Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Usatikova E.A., Pevzner I.B., Babenko V.A., Gulyaev M.V., Pirogov Y.A., Antonenko Y.N., Plotnikov E.Y., Zorov D.B. (2015) Mitochondria As a Target for Neuroprotection. Biol. Membr., 32 (5): 388-398. >>

  7. Babenko V.A., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Khutornenko A.A., Plotnikov E.Y., Sukhikh G.T., Zorov D.B. (2015) Improving the Post-Stroke Therapeutic Potency of Mesenchymal Multipotent Stromal Cells by Cocultivation With Cortical Neurons: The Role of Crosstalk Between Cells. Stem Cells Transl. Med., 4 (9): 1011-1020. >>

  8. Silachev D.N., Plotnikov E.Y., Babenko V.A., Danilina T.I., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Zorov D.B., Sukhikh G.T. (2015) Intra-Arterial Administration of Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Promotes Functional Recovery of the Brain After Traumatic Brain Injury. Bull. Exp. Biol. Med., 159 (4): 528-533. >>

  9. Silachev D.N., Plotnikov E.Y., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Sumbatyan N.V., Korshunova G.A., Gulyaev M.V., Pirogov Y.A., Skulachev V.P., Zorov D.B. (2015) Neuroprotective Effects of Mitochondria-Targeted Plastoquinone and Thymoquinone in a Rat Model of Brain Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury. Molecules, 20 (8): 14487-14503. >>

  10. Stelmashook E.V., Novikova S.V., Amelkina G.A., Ivashkin E.G., Genrikhs E.E., Khaspekov L.G., Isaev N.K. (2015) Acidosis and 5-(N-ethyl-N-isopropyl)amiloride (EIPA) attenuate zinc/kainate toxicity in cultured cerebellar granule neurons. Biochem.-Moscow, 80 (8): 1065-1072. >>

  11. Silachev D.N., Gulyaev M.V., Zorova L.D., Khailova L.S., Gubsky L.V., Pirogov Y.A., Plotnikov E.Y., Sukhikh G.T., Zorov D.B. (2015) Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the ischemic brain under lithium treatment. Link to mitochondrial disorders under stroke. Chem.-Biol. Interact., 237: 175-182. >>

  12. Antonenko Y.N., Nechaeva N.L., Baksheeva V.E., Rokitskaya T.I., Plotnikov E.Y., Kotova E.A., Zorov D.B. (2015) Intramitochondrial accumulation of cationic Atto520-biotin proceeds via voltage-dependent slow permeation through lipid membrane. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Biomembr., 1848 (6): 1277-1284. >>

  13. Plotnikov E.Y., Jankauskas S.S., Matsievsky D.D., Pevzner I.B., Zorova L.D., Popkov V.A., Zorov D.B. (2015) THE EFFECTS OF MITOCHONDRIA-TARGETED ANTIOXIDANT SKQR1 ON RENAL BLOOD FLOW DURING ISCHEMIA/REPERFUSION OF KIDNEY. Nephrol. Dial. Transplant., 30: . >>

  14. Stelmashook E.V., Genrikhs E.E., Novikova S.V., Barskov I.V., Gudasheva T.A., Seredenin S.B., Khaspekov L.G., Isaev N.K. (2015) Behavioral effect of dipeptide NGF mimetic GK-2 in an in vivo model of rat traumatic brain injury and its neuroprotective and regenerative properties in vitro. Int. J. Neurosci., 125 (5): 375-379. >>

  15. Popkov V.A., Plotnikov E.Y., Lyamzaev K.G., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Jankauskas S.S., Zorov S.D., Babenko V.A., Zorov D.B. (2015) Mitodiversity. Biochem.-Moscow, 80 (5): 532-541. >>

  16. Plotnikov E.Y., Babenko V.A., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Khryapenkova T.G., Savchenko E.S., Pevzner I.B., Zorov D.B. (2015) Intercellular transfer of mitochondria. Biochem.-Moscow, 80 (5): 542-548. >>

  17. Stelmashook E.V., Stavrovskaya A.V., Yamshchikova N.G., Ol'shanskii A.S., Kapay N.A., Popova O.V., Khaspekov L.G., Skrebitsky V.G., Isaev N.K. (2015) Mitochondria-targeted plastoquinone antioxidant SkQR1 has positive effect on memory of rats. Biochem.-Moscow, 80 (5): 592-595. >>

  18. Genrikhs E.E., Stelmashook E.V., Popova O.V., Kapay N.A., Korshunova G.A., Sumbatyan N.V., Skrebitsky V.G., Skulachev V.P., Isaev N.K. (2015) Mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQT1 decreases trauma-induced neurological deficit in rat and prevents amyloid-beta-induced impairment of long-term potentiation in rat hippocampal slices. J. Drug Target., 23 (4): 347-352. >>

  19. Silachev D.N., Khailova L.S., Babenko V.A., Gulyaev M.V., Kovalchuk S.I., Zorova L.D., Plotnikov E.Y., Antonenko Y.N., Zorov D.B. (2014) Neuroprotective effect of glutamate-substituted analog of gramicidin A is mediated by the uncoupling of mitochondria. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Gen. Subj., 1840 (12): 3434-3442. >>

  20. Khailova L.S., Silachev D.N., Rokitskaya T.I., Avetisyan A.V., Lyamsaev K.G., Severina I.I., Il'yasova T.M., Gulyaev M.V., Dedukhova V.I., Trendeleva T.A., Plotnikov E.Y., Zvyagilskaya R.A., Chernyak B.V., Zorov D.B., Antonenko Y.N., Skulachev V.P. (2014) A short-chain alkyl derivative of Rhodamine 19 acts as a mild uncoupler of mitochondria and a neuroprotector. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Bioenerg., 1837 (10): 1739-1747. >>

  21. Silachev D.N., Plotnikov E.Y., Pevzner I.B., Zorova L.D., Babenko V.A., Zorov S.D., Popkov V.A., Jankauskas S.S., Zinchenko V.P., Sukhikh G.T., Zorov D.B. (2014) The Mitochondrion as a Key Regulator of Ischaemic Tolerance and Injury. Heart Lung Circ., 23 (10): 897-904. >>

  22. Zorov D.B., Plotnikov E.Y., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Zorov S.D., Babenko V.A., Jankauskas S.S., Popkov V.A., Savina P.S. (2014) Microbiota and mitobiota. Putting an equal sign between mitochondria and bacteria. Biochem.-Moscow, 79 (10): 1017-1031. >>

  23. Plotnikov E.Y., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Jankauskas S.S., Zorov S.D., Babenko V.A., Skulachev M.V., Zorov D.B. (2014) Lithium salts - Simple but magic. Biochem.-Moscow, 79 (8): 740-749. >>

  24. Denisov S.S., Kotova E.A., Khailova L.S., Korshunova G.A., Antonenko Y.N. (2014) Tuning the hydrophobicity overcomes unfavorable deprotonation making octylamino-substituted 7-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1,3-diazole (n-octylamino-NBD) a protonophore and uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria. Bioelectrochemistry, 98: 30-38. >>

  25. Zorov D.B., Juhaszova M., Sollott S.J. (2014) MITOCHONDRIAL REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES (ROS) AND ROS-INDUCED ROS RELEASE. Physiol. Rev., 94 (3): 909-950. >>

  26. Stelmashook E.V., Isaev N.K., Genrikhs E.E., Amelkina G.A., Khaspekov L.G., Skrebitsky V.G., Illarioshkin S.N. (2014) Role of zinc and copper ions in the pathogenetic mechanisms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Biochem.-Moscow, 79 (5): 391-396. >>

  27. Stelmashook E.V., Novikova S.V., Amelkina G.A., Genrikhs E.E., Khaspekov L.G., Isaev N.K. (2014) The mechanism of the neurocytotoxic effect of the Na+/H+ exchange inhibitor 5-(N-ethyl-N-isopropyl)-amiloride (EIPA) in the rat cerebellum cultured granule neurons. Neurochem. J., 8 (2): 121-124. >>

  28. Shchepinova M.M., Denisov S.S., Kotova E.A., Khailova L.S., Knorre D.A., Korshunova G.A., Tashlitsky V.N., Severin F.F., Antonenko Y.N. (2014) Dodecyl and octyl esters of fluorescein as protonophores and uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria at submicromolar concentrations. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Bioenerg., 1837 (1): 149-158. >>

  29. Gening L.V., Lakhin A.V., Stelmashook E.V., Isaev N.K., Tarantul V.Z. (2013) Inhibition of Mn2+-induced error-prone DNA synthesis with Cd2+ and Zn2+. Biochem.-Moscow, 78 (10): 1137-1145. >>

  30. Zorov D.B., Isaev N.K., Plotnikov E.Y., Silachev D.N., Zorova L.D., Pevzner I.B., Morosanova M.A., Jankauskas S.S., Zorov S.D., Babenko V.A. (2013) Perspectives of mitochondrial medicine. Biochem.-Moscow, 78 (9): 979-990. >>

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