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it belongs to: Department of Plant Virus Biochemistry
master: Grand PhD (Biology), professor, Sergey Yu. Morozov

Inter- and intracellular transport of plant viruses is studied in the laboratory. Main research areas are (1) investigation of how triple block of genes (TBG) of gordeiviruses and potexviruses participate in viral transport and (2) studying the role of distinct organella and host-cell proteins in development of virus infection in plant. Big attention is paid to function and role in infection development of cystein-rich proteins of different kind of plant viruses.

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Recent papers
  1. Morozov S.Y., Milyutina I.A., Bobrova V.K., Ryazantsev D.Y., Erokhina T.N., Zavriev S.K., Agranovsky A.A., Solovyev A.G., Troitsky A.V. (2015) Structural evolution of the 4/1 genes and proteins in non-vascular and lower vascular plants. Biochimie, 119: 125-136. >>

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  4. Makarov V.V., Makarova S.S., Makhotenko A.V., Obraztsova E.A., Kalinina N.O. (2015) In vitro properties of hordeivirus TGB1 protein forming ribonucleoprotein complexes. J. Gen. Virol., 96: 3422-3431. >>

  5. Lezzhov A.A., Gushchin V.A., Lazareva E.A., Vishnichenko V.K., Morozov S.Y., Solovyev A.G. (2015) Translation of the shallot virus X TGB3 gene depends on non-AUG initiation and leaky scanning. J. Gen. Virol., 96: 3159-3164. >>

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  17. Solovieva A.D., Frolova O.Y., Solovyev A.G., Morozov S.Y., Zamyatnin A.A. (2013) Effect of mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 on programmed cell death induced by viral proteins in tobacco plants. Biochem.-Moscow, 78 (9): 1006-1012. >>

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