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Olga A. Dontsova

correspondent member of RAS, professor, Doctor of Science (Chemistry)
Telephone: 8 (495) 932-88-24
Address: Bldg A, Rm 629
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Head of the department: Department of RNA Structure and Functions
Belongs to: Department of RNA Structure and Functions

Olga A. Dontsova completed Chemistry Faculty (MSU). PhD in bioorganic chemistry since 1991. Doctor of Science (Bioorganic chemistry) since 1997. Since 1999 prof. of Bioorganic Chemistry, Div. of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Chemistry Faculty, MSU. Since 2003 head of lab. of Nucleoprotein Compounds, Division of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Chemistry Faculty, MSU. Since 2009 head of Division of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Chemistry Faculty, MSU. Since 2011 head of Division of RNA Structure and Function, Belozersky Institute, MSU.

Since 1999 — member of PhD&Dr.Sc. Scientific Board at MSU; Russian Foundation of Basic Research Council; Organizing committees of international conferences in Russia; bilateral French-Russian & German-Russian conferences; “Ribosome” conferences; co-Chair, “RNA World” section on FEBS 2013 Congress. Editorial board member: Biochimie, Acta Naturae, Molek.Biol. (Mosc).

Scientific insterest

My laboratory is focused on investigation of structure and function of RNA-containing cellular machines. Chemical crosslinking approach was developed to follow the dynamic contacts within RNA molecules that are formed in functioning ribosome that allowed to trace the mRNA as well as 5S rRNA contacts in translating ribosome. Combination of crosslinking, chemical footprinting and genetic approaches allowed to discover novel function of the ribosomal E-site, identify translation cycle dependent interaction between the ribosomal functional centers and as well as to follow tmRNA path through the ribosome. Recent studies on RNA modification in the ribosome identified several novel methyltransferases and determined functional role for some of them. These studies allowed to develop novel highthroughput system for screening of new antibiotics that block translation. My laboratory is also interested in studying functional properties and regulation of telomerase ribonucleoprotein complexes as well as the role of non-coding RNA in chromatin organization.


1994 European Academy Award for Young Scientists; 1999,2000 Soros Professor; 1998-2000 Special Grant of the President of Russia for Scientists; 2006 Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences.


Supervises 14 PhD students at MSU (currently 5 PhD Students); Lecturer (undergrad, Chem. Faculty, MSU): Molecular Biology (72 acad. hrs), RNA Chemistry (12 acad. hrs).

Recent Papers
  1. Laptev I.G., Golovina A.Y., Sergiev P.V., Dontsova O.A. (2015) Posttranscriptional modification of messenger RNAs in eukaryotes. Mol. Biol., 49 (6): 825-836. >>

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  4. Belova E.V., Kozlov A.E., Shubernetskaya O.S., Zvereva M.I., Shpanchenko O.V., Dontsova O.A. (2015) DNA methylation of genes of the main components of the telomerase complex in Danio rerio. Dokl. Biochem. Biophys., 464 (1): 329-332. >>

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