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The most cited biological Institute in Russia *

Joseph G. Atabekov

head of division, academician of RAS and RAAS, professor, Doctor of Science (Biology)
Telephone: 8 (495) 939-55-34
Head of the department: Department of Plant Virus Biochemistry
Belongs to: Department of Plant Virus Biochemistry
Recent Papers
  1. Putlyaev E.V., Smirnov A.A., Karpova O.V., Atabekov J.G. (2015) Double subgenomic promoter control for a target gene superexpression by a plant viral vector. Biochem.-Moscow, 80 (8): 1039-1046. >>

  2. Petrova E.K., Nikitin N.A., Trifonova E.A., Protopopova A.D., Karpova O.V., Atabekov J.G. (2015) The 5 '-proximal region of Potato virus X RNA involves the potential cap-dependent "conformational element" for encapsidation. Biochimie, 115: 116-119. >>

  3. Nikitin N.A., Malinin A.S., Trifonova E.A., Rakhnyanskaya A.A., Yaroslavov A.A., Karpova O.V., Atabekov J.G. (2014) Proteins immobilization on the surface of modified plant viral particles coated with hydrophobic polycations. J. Biomater. Sci.-Polym. Ed., 25 (16): 1743-1754. >>

  4. Trifonova E., Nikitin N., Gmyl A., Lazareva E., Karpova O., Atabekov J. (2014) Complexes assembled from TMV-derived spherical particles and entire virions of heterogeneous nature. J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn., 32 (8): 1193-1201. >>

  5. Dobrov E.N., Nikitin N.A., Trifonova E.A., Parshina E.Y., Makarov V.V., Maksimov G.V., Karpova O.V., Atabekov J.G. (2014) beta-structure of the coat protein subunits in spherical particles generated by tobacco mosaic virus thermal denaturation. J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn., 32 (5): 701-708. >>

  6. Petukhova N.V., Gasanova T.V., Ivanov P.A., Atabekov J.G. (2014) High-Level Systemic Expression of Conserved Influenza Epitope in Plants on the Surface of Rod-Shaped Chimeric Particles. Viruses-Basel, 6 (4): 1789-1800. >>

  7. Petrova E.K., Nikitin N.A., Protopopova A.D., Arkhipenko M.V., Yaminsky I.V., Karpova O.V., Atabekov J.G. (2013) The role of the 5 '-cap structure in viral ribonucleoproteins assembly from potato virus X coat protein and RNAs. Biochimie, 95 (12): 2415-2422. >>

  8. Nikitin N., Trifonova E., Karpova O., Atabekov J. (2013) Examination of Biologically Active Nanocomplexes by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis. Microsc. microanal., 19 (4): 808-813. >>

  9. Karpova O., Nikitin N., Chirkov S., Trifonova E., Sheveleva A., Lazareva E., Atabekov J. (2012) Immunogenic compositions assembled from tobacco mosaic virus-generated spherical particle platforms and foreign antigens. J. Gen. Virol., 93: 400-407. >>

  10. Drygin Y.F., Blintsov A.N., Grigorenko V.G., Andreeva I.P., Osipov A.P., Varitzev Y.A., Uskov A.I., Kravchenko D.V., Atabekov J.G. (2012) Highly sensitive field test lateral flow immunodiagnostics of PVX infection. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 93 (1): 179-189. >>

  11. Trifonova E., Nikitin N., Karpova O., Atabekov J. (2011) In vitro assembly of compositions consisting of antigens and spherical nanoparticles generated by plant viruses. FEBS Journal, 278: 443.

  12. Ivanov P.A., Mukhamedzhanova A.A., Smirnov A.A., Rodionova N.P., Karpova O.V., Atabekov J.G. (2011) The complete nucleotide sequence of Alternanthera mosaic virus infecting Portulaca grandiflora represents a new strain distinct from phlox isolates. Virus Genes, 42 (2): 268-271.

  13. Atabekov J., Nikitin N., Arkhipenko M., Chirkov S., Karpova O. (2011) Thermal transition of native tobacco mosaic virus and RNA-free viral proteins into spherical nanoparticles. Journal of General Virology, 92: 453-456.

  14. Tyulkina L.G., Karger E.M., Sheveleva A.A., Atabekov J.G. (2010) Binding of monoclonal antibodies to the movement protein (MP) of Tobacco mosaic virus: influence of subcellular MP localization and phosphorylation. Journal of General Virology, 91: 1621-1628.

  15. Zvereva A.S., Petrovskaya L.E., Rodina A.V., Frolova O.Y., Ivanov P.A., Shingarova L.N., Komarova T.V., Dorokhov Y.L., Dolgikh D.A., Kirpichnikov M.P., Atabekov J.G. (2009) Production of biologically active human myelocytokines in plants. Biochemistry-Moscow, 74 (11): 1187-1194.

  16. Drygin Y.F., Blintsov A.N., Osipov A.P., Grigorenko V.G., Andreeva I.P., Uskov A.I., Varitsev Y.A., Anisimov B.V., Novikov V.K., Atabekov J.G. (2009) High-Sensitivity Express Immunochromatographic Method for Detection of Plant Infection by Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Biochemistry-Moscow, 74 (9): 986-993.

  17. Zayakina O., Arkhipenko M., Smirnov A., Rodionova N., Karpova O., Atabekov J. (2009) Restoration of potato virus X coat protein capacity for assembly with RNA after His-tag removal. Archives of Virology, 154 (2): 337-341.

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  21. Dorokhov Y.L., Ivanov P.A., Komarova T.V., Skulachev M.V., Atabekov J.G. (2006) An internal ribosome entry site located upstream of the crucifer-infecting tobamovirus coat protein (CP) gene can be used for CP synthesis in vivo. Journal of General Virology, 87: 2693-2697.

  22. Karpova O.V., Zayakina O.V., Arkhipenko M.V., Sheval E.V., Kiselyova O.I., Poljakov V.Y., Yaminsky I.V., Rodionova N.P., Atabekov J.G. (2006) Potato virus X RNA-mediated assembly of single-tailed ternary 'coat protein-RNA-movement protein' complexes. Journal of General Virology, 87: 2731-2740.

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  26. Wahlroos T., Susi P., Solovyev A., Dorokhov Y., Morozov S., Atabekov J., Korpela T. (2004) Increase of histidine content in Brassica rapa subsp oleifera by over-expression of histidine-rich fusion proteins. Molecular Breeding, 14 (4): 455-462.

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  28. Susi P., Wahlroos T., Dorokhov Y.L., Atabekov J.G., Korpela T. (2004) Increase of Histidine Content in Seeds of Brassica Rapa by Overexpression of Poly-Histidine Sequences. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 26 (3): 137.

  29. Rodionova N.P., Karpova O.V., Kozlovsky S. V., Zayakina O.V., Archipenko M.A., Atabekov J.G. (2003) Linear Remodeling of Helical Virus by Movement Protein Binding. J. Molec. Biol., 333 (3): 565-572. >>

  30. Kiselyova O.I., Yaminsky I.V.,Rodionova N.P., Karpova O.V., Kozlovsky S. V., Archipenko M.A., Atabekov J.G. (2003) AFM study of potato virus X disassembly induced by movement protein. J. Molec. Biol., 332 (2): 321-325. >>

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