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Recent Papers
  1. Akparov V.K., Timofeev V.I., Khaliullin I.G., Svedas V., Chestukhina G.G., Kuranova I.P. (2015) Structural insights into the broad substrate specificity of carboxypeptidase T from Thermoactinomyces vulgaris. FEBS J., 282 (7): 1214-1224. >>

  2. Novikov F.N., Stroganov O.V., Khaliullin I.G., Panin N.V., Shapovalova I.V., Chilov G.G., Svedas V.K. (2013) Molecular modeling of different substrate-binding modes and their role in penicillin acylase catalysis. FEBS J., 280 (1): 115-126. >>